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PROMOTE Your Book on IndieAuthorNews
PROMOTE Your Book on IndieAuthorNews

23 November, 2016

Websites For Free BOOK PROMOTION

With nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time and so much to gain in free advertisement, I believe trying this is a no brainer.

You now know why to do this and how to make your book free on KDP, so here is list of sites marking where to promote your book.

1. – Simply fill out the information form and you’re good to go on this site.

2. – You can use the free option or use the $10 promotion option. Helpful tip: write as much quality content as you can in the book description.

3. – All you need to do is enter some Amazon information and then you’re set.

4. – Service is completely free, unless you want to pay $25 to lock in a featured spot on their homepage for a week straight.

5. – Another helpful resource to get free advertisement for your book. They ask for more information than the rest, so take your time for accuracy.

6. – Your welcome to submit your book here if you haven’t done it in the past 30 days.

7. – Not every submitted book is guaranteed to get posted on this site, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

8. – No form to enter your book’s information here, so you need to go old school and email them your free book’s info.

9. – If your book is free, submitted on time, contains no bad reviews (or zero reviews), submitted accurately, and contains no questionable content, then you’ll get posted on Indie Book of the Day.

10. – Your book must be on sale on and be PG-13 to get accepted on this site. If that’s not an issue, go for it!

11. – Minimum guidelines require fiction books to have 18+ Amazon reviews, 4.0+ stars, and 100+ pages; Non-fiction books with less than 100 pages to have 60+ reviews, 4.2 stars; and Non-fiction books with 100+ pages to have 40+ reviews and 4.0+ stars. If your book meets the submission guidelines, it’ll be listed for four days.

12. – This would be a huge win for you if your book got accepted iconsidering this audience is over 230,000 people!

13. – No guarantee your book gets selected, but it can only help to submit it here.

14. – Have to climb through the hoop to subscribe before given access to other options.

15. – Sign up for an account, post an introduction, and you’ll have access to the ads for free.

16. – This contact page isn’t specialized for books, but you can offer to do a giveaway through PennyPinchinMom.

17. – No erotica or graphic sex novels allowed, book must have 5+ reviews, and you’re free to submit but no guaranteed acceptance.

18. – The maximum promotion time is 14 days and you have to sign up for their newsletter to submit.

19. – Easy peasy, simple submisison on this website.

20. – The eReader Cafe requires submission three days before your book is listed free, no erotica novels or books under 100 pages, and at least 3 book reviews with an average rating over 4 stars.

21. – They don’t accept erotica novels and books with a rating of 3.49 or lower.

22. – Author must “Like” their Facebook page to be considered and submit book five days prior to it being a freebie.

23. – Another site that’s not designed for books, but your book is a free item and it can be promoted through this contact form.

24. – It’s free, but for consideration you must subscribe to their newsletter or you flat out won’t be accepted.

25. – Another form that plays nice and has the only rule of no books involving sexual explicit material.

26. – Give them at least 3 business days in advance and you can submit your book with no problems.

27. – You have to “Like” and “Share” a Focus Post on Facebook before you can submit your book for promotion.

28. – Free to submit with no other requirements.

29. – Site isn’t specific for ebooks, so consider your freebie book a giveaway here.

30. – This site doesn’t take ebooks that contain graphic violence, sexual content, paranormal activity, or excessive profanity. Up in the air if your book will be in their daily roundup.

31. – Books will remain on the page up to four days if accepted, site bosts 3.5 million+ views.

32. – Become a premium member to unlock more book promotion tools for “serious authors.”

33. – I’d try submitting your book information through the contact form to see what happens.

34. – Completely free to post your book information on the most recent ebook guest post called Thrifty Thursdays. Erotica, religious, or political books aren’t allowed.

35. – Free but you need to create an account.

36. – If you get accepted by the free submission, your book goes out to 35,000 readers.

37. – Allowed to list your book as long as you’re a member, your book is free, and it doesn’t have an erotic or erotica book cover.

38. – You must have an account before you can submit your free book’s link.

39. – Acceptance is not guaranteed and you must sign up for their email list.

40. – Subscribe to their mailing list (can unsubscribe after your promo) and then you can appear on their blog and social media posts.

41. – No strings attached besides submitting the website form.

42. – Not a for sure thing, but if your book isn’t erotica, is at least 100 pages in legth, and you post 7 days before your book goes free or for $0.99, you increase your chances.

43. – Have to join the iAuthor global community before you can get started promoting.

44. – Forced to sign up for an account and upload a profile pic before you can attempt to promote your book.

45. – Just sign in and then you’ll have the capability to submit an offer.

46. – Once you sign up for a username, you can add your book to this site and see what comes of it.

47. – This site only accepts non-fiction, children’s ebooks, and Christian fiction books. You must post your book a week before it’s set to be free. Not every submission is guaranteed.

48. – Create an account and then you’re welcome to talk about your book as much as you want.

49. – You’re only allowed to post a thread about your book if it’s free.

50. – This submission posts your book to a Facebook group and not a site.

51. – Must subscribe to the site to submit, but it’s free.

52. – Free promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and their site if you get accepted—no guarantee.

53. – Don’t accept books on religion, politics, or a spammy title. No sexual book covers will be approved either.

54. – Join the free online community to mention your free book in the forum and see if it draws people to download it.

55. – Need to become a member first and no guarantee. Or become a member and donate to guarantee your spot.
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